Robert K. Gresham, Georgia Business Lawyer
Robert K. Gresham, Georgia Business Lawyer 

Hi, this is Robert Gresham of Robert K. Gresham LLC, a Georgia business lawyer. I help businesses who have problems staffing their legal needs in cost-effective, efficient, and convenient ways. Please see the "Business Services" and "Legal Experience" listed to the left above.


I solve these problems by proactively serving as an in-house counsel, adopting the company's culture and operations in several major ways, but billing as an independent contractor on a flexible, flat-fee basis instead of a salary.


Remaining an independent contractor employed by my firm allows me to service companies who need 1/2 a counsel, or 1/3, or more during a busy season, while also alleviating some of the sunk costs of full-time employment and the hassles of hiring.


Do you need proactive, flexible corporate counsel who performs as an in-house member within your company or legal department? who performs on your timetable and within your corporate culture? 


Who can handle any of the services listed on the "Business Services"(listed above left) page specifically: hybrid projects with corporate and legal elements, deals from start to finish, automated projects involving due diligence or discovery, contract process including AI tools or not, regulatory response, software and AI rollout.


But who remains an independent contractor, charges a flat monthly fee that varies by month depending on what work is needed? performing as an in-house, yet paid in your books as outside counsel? and so reduces the sunk costs of a traditional hired employee.


Let's say you need flexibility and cost-savings, 1/3 of a counsel this month who can gear up to 3/4 the next month (or down to 1/4), or just turn off for a couple of months, by project, busy time, or whatever time you prefer. Can a traditional full-time hire do that?


This is the type of arrangement that I provide at Robert K. Gresham LLC. A boutique with few clients, providing excellent customer service, who works with and learns your people and culture, operations, schedule, software, just without the typical full-time employment costs and inconvenience.


It takes an Email or Linked In note to see, followed with a ten-minute exploratory call, if a very simple, short-term trial engagement would make sense.


Such a trial engagement would generally last a month and include a modest retainer. In my own General Counsel days and hiring, I have found that all the interviews, recruiting, and paper are not as useful as a short trial period, that is very easy to set up compared to a full hiring process. 


It is very simple to see if this makes sense for your department especially in comparison to the standard hiring routine: 1. a ten-minute exploratory call, 2. I will send my two page engagement for comment, 3. sign the engagement and deliver some payment for a trial period depending on our conversation, 4. After the trial, we negotiate terms based on what you need. How does that compare to your ordinary hiring?


I do not litigate and specialize in corporate matters. This frees up "in court" time for my clients' access. I do research and draft litigation work product including briefs, motions and memoranda,  but do not appear in court.

Robert Gresham
Rome, Georgia





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