Robert K. Gresham, Georgia Business Lawyer
Robert K. Gresham, Georgia Business Lawyer 

Does your legal department need proactive corporate counsel who performs as another inhouse within your department, yet remains self-employed as an independent contractor, reducing sunk costs, charges a flat monthly fee depending on what work is needed, who learns your processes, operations, software and functions within your schedule? Do you seek counsel who brings 20 years of legal and entrepreneurial experience to the table, yet may be as cost-effective as inexperienced "contract" attorneys? Do you seek a better, more flexible, cost-sensitive relationship with counsel? a relationship that can be scheduled for monthly busy times and paused or turned off during less busy times? Would you appreciate the chance to "try before you buy" that a short term trial engagement offers? If so, please see my linkedin profile: LinkedIn or drop an email to and we can schedule a brief exploratory call.


Does your venture capital, private equity or investment bank have legal needs in the deal process from initial negotiations to closing? If so, please see my linkedin profile: LinkedIn or drop an email to and we can schedule a brief exploratory call.


Is your business at a point where you may need general corporate business counsel, but have hesitated due to cost or other concerns? Are you in the process of starting, growing, buying or selling a business, buying or selling accounts or assets, negotiating business agreements, facing employment issues, general business planning, estate planning,  raising capital or dealing with regulators? Would you like to prepare your business for sale or transition one day? Do you need help with general day-to-day business legal issues and questions? You are never too small, too new or too "stuck" to address these types of issues. I can make it as easy and hassle-free as possible for you. If so, please see my linkedin profile: LinkedIn or drop an email to and we can schedule a brief exploratory call.

Does your law firm need assistance in meeting your clients' corporate or transactional needs, allowing you to focus on other core practice areas? Are you exploring creating or growing a corporate law practice group? If so, please see my linkedin profile: 
LinkedIn or drop an email to and we can schedule a brief exploratory call.

Or please call me and leave a message at


Practice areas include deal law from term sheet to closing, corporate finance and securities, complex governance issues, contracts and negotiations, legal operations and many types of function within a legal department, general counsel matters, employment issues, security issues, regulatory issues, venture capital, private equity, due diligence, research and memoranda.


I do not litigate and specialize in corporate matters. This frees up "in court" time for better client acccess. I do research and draft litigation work product including briefs, motions and memoranda,  but do not appear in court.

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