Robert K. Gresham, Georgia Business Lawyer
Robert K. Gresham, Georgia Business Lawyer 

General Counsel

  • Local Counsel for companies seeking to do business in Georgia.
  • Hybrid Corporate/Legal actions involving policy projects, forecasting, governance, AI, VUCA type Black Swan realities, "Smoothing the Waters" diplomatic matters, "Rapid Prototyping" matters.
  • Automated projects involving contract drafting and execution, discovery, business process logistics.
  • Regulatory response including DEI/employment, Environmental, white collar crime, ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance issues.
  • M&A Strategy, Board Risk Oversight projects.
  • Social Media, BYOD policies, Employee Privacy.
  • Automated projects involving RIM (Record and Information Management), RFPs, Cybersecurity and Encryption matters. 
  • Software and Artificial Intelligence testing and rollout.



  • Preliminary negotiations and term sheets.
  • Due diligence and associated memoranda.
  • Asset and stock purchase agreements, merger agreements and related documents.
  • Leases and related real estate documents.
  • Financing agreements.
  • Legal opinions.
  • Closings and post-closing issues.

Intermediary Services

  • Funding source shopping and negotiation including bank loans, venture capital, private equity and angels; business plan drafting, editing and updating.
  • Assisting in shopping for, researching and negotiating with potential acquirors of the company's stock or assets.
  • Shopping for, researching and negotiating with potential target companies.
  • Shopping for, researching and negotiating with potential business partners desirous of strategic alliances.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution representation, arbitrations, mediations.
  • Employee, independent contractor, vendor, customer and shareholder negotiations.
  • Landlord, landowner, tenant or neighbor negotiations.
  • Governmental or regulatory negotiations with federal, state or municipal authorities or agencies.


  • Private placements, debt and equity subscriptions and associated certification.
  • Securities Act and Securities Exchange Act issues and research.
  • Funding agreements with banks, venture capitalists, private equity firms and angels.
  • Structuring classes of debt and equity, stock repurchases.


  • Corporate action, consents, board and shareholder meetings.
  • Foreign/Alien corporation certification.
  • Proxy statements and voting issues, minority shareholder issues.
  • Organizational structure (org chart) issues, subsidiaries, short-form mergers, rollups.


  • Local counsel for foreign corporations doing business or seeking to do business in Georgia.
  • Support services for local corporate counsel, both on-site and remote.
  • Employee manuals, employee agreements, noncompetition agreements, termination agreements, confidentiality and trade secret agreements.
  • Vendor/vendee contracts, Commercial agreements, U.C.C. issues, licensing agreements, strategic alliances, many other types of agreements and structures.
  • Federal and Georgia State and municipal regulatory issues associated with operations.
  • Litigation prevention, insurance issues.


  • Document review and memoranda.
  • Drafting - briefs and research memoranda.
  • Litigation support services.


  • Researching Georgia state, federal and municipal law and drafting associated memoranda.
  • Researching any legal question and drafting associated memoranda.

Robert Gresham
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